7 Days Without Alcohol–DAY 3

My third day of not drinking proved to be yet another day filled with self realization. I did more things that I haven’t done in a long time…and I have to tell you: I’m really proud of myself.

I spent all day in the recording studio laying down tracks for my new solo project. Guitars, keys, bass, vocals…everything. Although it’s kind of taboo for singers to drink in the studio…I can’t remember the last time that I recorded vocals without drinking beforehand.

Considering I had a pretty endless amount of money to spend on the recording and whatever expenses I incurred throughout my recording day; it was hard to not abuse the budget by buying alcohol. It was even harder because of this:

There had been a party in the studio where I recorded the night before. Someone left an unopened bottle of Grey Goose there. And there was cranberry juice already in the house. There were assorted six packs of beer left over. And bottles of wine everywhere. On any given NORMAL day for me, I would have been in Heaven. And you know what else? I would be in the studio again recording today to wrap up everything I didn’t finish yesterday. YET, because I was sober, I got every single track done.

I stayed admirably focused throughout the day and when I was brought a “Cranberry and Sprite” to drink…I only fantasized that there was some of that Grey Goose in it for…less than five seconds.

When the night finally wrapped up, I CHOSE to take a cab home. I used my brain and logically decided to spend the money….opposed to my typical: “Hey! I’m drunk! I’m not taking the train!” idiotic reasoning. When I got home, YES, I did want to unwind with a beer. But I kept my promise to myself and just watched Family Guy instead.

Today is Easter. Religious holidays are always grounds for drinking for me…so, seeing how today unravels should prove to be interesting.

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