The Amateur Gourmet: Hot Guy with Hot Recipes

I am in love.

Well, sort of. This whole “love” thing tends to be a lusty daily occurrence anytime I see a man who is taller than me, has dark brooding eyes, sings, plays anything, or…cooks.

What can I say, I’m a lover.

Naturally when I stumbled upon The Amateur Gourmet’s site, the blogger turned FoodNetwork TV star, I was bitten by the smitten bug. To add to my profound love for this man, he created How-To’s like these:

How To Open A Wine When You Don’t Have A Corkscrew

How To Make Rice Pudding From Left Over Rice

How To Cure Hiccups

Obviously, he’s a man after my heart. Not to mention he’s full of wit, interesting blog posts AND RECIPES! (yippee)

Here’s one of my favorites for you all and I urge you to check him out!


(pasta is generally a food of choice for me because it’s simple):

First make the Hazelnut Pesto.


2 cups fresh Basil leaves, lightly packed, washed and spun dry.

2 garlic cloves.

1 tsp hot red pepper flakes.

1/4 cup hazelnuts.

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil.


Place the basil, garlic, red pepper flakes and hazelnuts in a food processor and pulse 3 times to start the chopping process. Turn the machine off and drizzle in the olive oil in a thin stream. Season with salt.

PART TWO requires:

8 oz. penne

the pesto


4 oz fresh soft Goat Cheese

Bring about 6 quarts of water to a boil and add about 2 Tbs of salt.

Cook the penne according to package instructions until tender but still al dente, and drain well. Transfer the pesto to a 12 to 14-inch saute pan. Whisk in the cheese until smooth. Toss the penne into the pesto mixture and stir together over very low heat for 1 minute, until thoroughly coated. Pour into a warm serving dish and serve.


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