7 Days Without Alcohol-Day 6

I wish I could say that my sobriety hasn’t made any difference at all in my productivity-but that would be a lie. And it’s a lot harder to lie when I’m sober.
I can’t even believe how much I have been getting done since taking a break from drinking. From my music to my work to running an extra mile every day…I just have so much more energy. Of course this is for a lot of reasons. Alcohol drains your body, yes, but it also makes for poor sleeping patterns. Usually, after a night of drinking, I wake up at least twice in the night to get water since I’m so dehydrated from the alcohol. And, of course, it’s a lot harder to get things done in the morning when I’m just trying to focus on anything other than my hang over.
So yesterday was another testament to my ability to get crap done when I actually have both hands free because I’m not wasting one of them on clasping a beverage. I got a lot of work done in the morning. Then I went running and felt strong through the whole work out. I had practice with a guitarist, made an amazing bacon/pepperoni/jalapeno pizza. Then I worked through the night-on both writing and music-and didn’t lose my energy until around 4 am. It amazed me, to be honest.
But I’ll admit…alcohol is not at all out of my mind…nor is it hardly out of sight. My roomie, who is on this mission with me, sat by my side in our living room last night spewing out phrases like:
“Damnnnn. A beer would be good right now.”
“Dude. I can’t wait to drink.”
We may very well be true alcoholics for how obsessive we have been over this-but our will power is strong!
Tonight at midnight, my quest is over. I will spend the rest of the day contemplating exactly what sorta booze I will be chugging at the witching hour.

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