We HEART These HOT Sites

Sometimes, all you want to do is procrastinate. On the Internet. You want to laugh a little, be horrified a little, catch up on the latest gossip a little…basically, you want to spend a few glorious minutes simultaneously doing nothing and everything before Poly Sci 105 starts up and sucks out your soul for the second time this week.

Here are some sites that have helped us become amazing.
…They should do the same for you.

1. TMZ.COM In all of their smack talking glory, we f*cking love them. And their snarky ways.

2. DListed.com Any site that has “crackheads” as a category is pretty awesome.

3. Fark.com I couldn’t resist when I saw this headline, “Pregnant woman arrested after drinking eight beers, which to her credit is four less than it took to get her pregnant

4. Recapist.com I don’t have the time to sit in front of a TV all day, but they do, and Thank God cause I need to know what’s happening on The Bachelor.

5. Pajiba.com Reviews and such from witty writers.

6. Bookslut.com This site makes me want to start my own site called linkslut…or…foodslut…or maybe Candyslut? Slut sounds good with a lot of words, books included.

7. BeautyandTheDirt.co.uk For all that chicky stuff.

8. Catwalkqueen.tv For all of your fashion indulgences.

9. This Fish Needs a Bicycle, Heather, a blogging girl, on life, love, work. and all the drama in between.

10. The Alternative Consumer For all things on Green Living.


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