Bad Decision Making Deserves A Playlist

This playlist could be appropriately titled any of the following. Please choose according to your “situation”:

“I’m About to Regret This, Aren’t I?”


“No. I Don’t Want Breakfast, I Just Want Sex.”

1. Stronger Than MeAmy Winehouse

2. In Tha Mood — Esthero

3. Come Here Boy — Imogen Heap

4. Like A Boy — Ciara

5. Talk Show Host — Radiohead

6. Back it up, boys — Peaches (yes, it’s true, Peaches could have her own sex playlist)

7. Brown Skin — India Arie

8. Put The Needle On It — Danni Minogue (the HOTTER Minogue sister.)

9. Maybe — Toni Braxton

10. Freak Like Me — Adina Howard (yes it’s old school and still. so. great)

11. My Place — Tweet

12. There’s A Place In The Whiskey — Gretchen Wilson

13. Erotica — Madonna. (I mean, Obviously)

[Any songs you would add to this list?? Let us know! We’re always dying for a bad decision making soundtrack…]

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