Behind the “Scenes” of the Hills: My Interview with Lo

Just in time for the second episode the newest season of The Hills, I was presented with the opportunity to kick back and chat it up with Lo via my cellular.
Um, obviously I couldn’t wait to take that phone call. I watch and obsess about the show enough to pretend those girls are my homies – especially the fantastic and now more frequent member, Lo. If I got her on the phone I could get all the gossip and maybe convince her to invite me out to L.A. for some Pinkberry and bonding time.
Unfortunately, I didn’t woo Lo into becoming my BFF, but I did get some insight into life in front of the camera, her life with Lauren and the reality (or not so much so) of The Hills.
How do you feel about the way you are portrayed on the show? Is that the real Lo?
“I’m pretty confident on how I’m portrayed on the show. Sometimes they go a little too far with the comments I make but I am a good friend to Lauren and I think that they show that well and I bring some comedy to the show. I am an honest person and like that in real life. I’m honest but I’m fun.”
Do you like being all over TV and magazines?
“It’s a back and forth battle. It’s a job so I know we’re doing a good job if we’re getting media, but it’s also a weird invasion of my private life. I grew up as a normal person and then to all of a sudden be thrown into this kind of world in LA is a struggle sometimes. But I have to step back and realize its okay and just a job.”
Aren’t you afraid to leave the house without full makeup, hair and a cute outfit?
“The paparazzi like to park in front of our house, so I feel like I always have to have my sunglasses or some sort of outfit on. It’s hard to go out to the grocery story in my Juicy sweats and a sweatshirt.”
Why did you decide to join the show for this season?
“Lauren and I decided to move in with in each other so it was a natural progression to start filming more. I’ve been working for MTV on and off since I was seventeen, since the first season of Laguna Beach. It was a very natural step.”
And how is it going living with Lauren? You still living in that posh apartment?
“It’s me, Lauren, and Audrina in a 1920’s Spanish style house. The issue is that we don’t have furniture yet, [but] it’s on its way. So we hang out a lot in the kitchen because we have bar stools.”
What do you think about the way Lauren is portrayed on the show? Do I know the same Lauren as you?
“I think that the Lauren you see on the show is the real Lauren, to a degree. You are always conscious of the cameras and it’s our job to give it our all. Lauren is an amazing friend and I think that that comes across really well. I think that people give her a hard time about being overly into her relationships, but most people are like that when dealing with the people that they care about.”
Any surprises we should expect on this season? Any Speidi gossip we should know about? Or, possibly, some drama of your own?
There’s always Heidi and Spencer drama. You are going to see Spencer’s sister on the show a little bit. It’s an interesting relationship between Stephanie, Heidi and Spencer and between Stephanie, Lauren and our group of friends. You will see a little bit of drama between Stephanie and I.”
I wanted more time to chat with Lo, but unfortunately I had to catch a flight, which cut the interview short. I did, however, get the chance to ask her about the “reality” factor of the show. And it is what she didn’t say – and the fact that she didn’t answer at all – that says the most.

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