Deflowering The MALE Virgin

Deflowering a virgin is something that guys think about…and they usually think about it in one of two ways: they either are dying to do it because they love the idea of being a girl’s “first” OR they’re terrified of it because they can’t emotionally throw down and they don’t think it’d be fair to rob a girl of her innocence without being able to give her foot massages and take her out on dates.

However, when I deflowered my first and only (or so I hope to be my first and only) virgin; I wasn’t thinking about either one of these things. Because I didn’t know he was a virgin. I had just met him.

Here’s what I DID know:

-He was bangin’ hot.

-He was a few years younger than me. However, he was 19 and legal.

-He was shy around me and I thought it was cute.

-He was willing to drive two hours to meet up with me the day after he met me.

-He still lived with his parents.

-He worked at Jamba Juice.

Here’s what I found out during the act:

-He was afraid of giving oral. I taught him how. (In my defense; I believed that there was a possibility he could have been inexperienced with oral, but still experienced with intercourse.)

-He had no idea how to take charge in sex. (Yawn. I hate that.)

Here’s what happened after the act:

-He invited himself to stay at my hotel with my friends.

-He cuddled with me as if we were stranded in the arctic.

-He asked me when he’d see me again when I had to leave (take note of the fact that he and I live about a 24 hour drive apart from each other.)

-He texted/called me incessantly during the days after…toying with ideas of coming to visit me…and even MOVING to L.A.

I eventually cracked.

“Had you ever had sex before me?”

I finally asked him this via a text message after yet another voicemail at 3am about how much I meant to him.



I have no idea why he didn’t mention to me that he was a virgin. However, now I know why so many guys out there are terrified of deflowering one. The pressure is frightening! I hope I’m never any boy’s first ever again.

I’ll make sure of this by keeping away from 19 year old boys who live with their parents and work at Jamba Juice.

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