Does Anal Sex Have a Bum Rap? Part Two

Let me broach this very touchy subject with the help of my friend, Mr. Extended Metaphor:
Think about your body as a complex system of roads (sexy, curvy roads).
It’s easier to take the normal route “home”, so to speak, than that scary, deserted back road. After all, you’ve never gone that way, you don’t know what to expect and what should happen, heaven forbid, if your car breaks down?
But what if this mysterious new path is wonderful? What if it gives you the single best drive home of your life? Or even just one or two fairly pleasant trips? It would be a shame to miss out on this lovely new view because of fear or misconceptions.
Misconceptions like: anal sex is only pleasurable to men and women do it only to please their male partners. In reality, the anus is filled with nerve endings and as is says in the Guide to Getting it On (yes, I own a copy), “It seems that the wall between the vagina and rectum may swell when the woman is sexually aroused. This wall might tug on the same verve that transmits vaginal orgasms to the brain.” In other words, women have anal sex for the same reason they have any other kinds of sex (well, ideally): because it feels good.
If you have decided to try anal sex or give it another try, here is an itinerary, as it were, to help you maneuver this new route:
– In the weeks preceding the first attempt at anal sex, try some casual anal play with your fingers to get used to touching and being touched in what may have previously been a no-man’s land. Even try a little spanking, if that’s your bag, to lighten the situation.
-Do it with someone you trust. The situation can be fairly awkward, and, as with any sexual experience, you don’t want to feel judged or on edge. There can be some not so pretty side effects sometimes, (again as with vaginal or oral sex) and so you want to feel as comfortable as possible.
-To avoid the aforementioned side effects (which are, sometimes, sadly unavoidable) you can take some precautions. What do I mean by this? Well, go to the bathroom first and make sure that the area is sufficiently clean. If you really feel like you need it, you can even use a disposable enema kit (which you should use hours beforehand to avoid irritation).
– ALWAYS Wear protection. Not only to prevent the transmission of any possible STI’s, but also to ward off any bacterial infections.
– Make sure you are sufficiently lubed. I can’t stress this enough, it’s imperative to enjoying the act. Having a lubed condom is sorely insufficient (pun intended). I suggest Astroglide or another water-based lube. Stay away from the flavored stuff, the sugar used can cause a yeast infection.
– Finally, and this is of paramount importance: Relax. I suggest this for your own peace of mind and also for practical reasons. If you are tense, no amount of lubrication is going to make the experience pleasurable.
Remember, sex is supposed to be fun. If you don’t enjoy anal sex, don’t do it and don’t let any amount of pressure from friends or your significant other convince you to engage in any sexual act you aren’t comfortable with.

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