I Love April Fools’ Day—APRIL FOOLS!!!

April Fools’ day and I have never gotten along.
In second grade, my Elementary School decided it would be cute to ring the warning bells every five minutes—you’re late for class… APRIL FOOLS’!
Middle School saw surprise pop quizzes—it’s worth 90% of your grade and you didn’t study—APRIL FOOLS’!!
High School? College? More of the same…
This morning, at midnight on April 1st, my boyfriend paused on the sidewalk, looked at me significantly, and said “Suzie, I’ve decided to go to Med School”—APRIL FOOLS’! (he’s applied to grad and law school so for a minute I was like… omg!– then I saw his smirk and was like… oh right… )
When I saw the Reuters article on pranks this year, however, I had to chuckle at the new heights of advertising that this day of strange glee has allowed two Australian companies to ascend:
Google Australia announced a new feature enabling one to search the Internet for future content, including sports results…
Australian airline Virgin Blue took out ad space in newspapers offering special “Stand Up fares” complete with complimentary calf massages for flights longer than two hours.
Okay so kind afunny…fairly funny in fact. I found myself wavering in my anti-April fools’ day resolve. But then the story went on to include the worst joke of all time and I remembered just how much I hate the day. Brace yourself because this is just morally gross:
In 1998 an Iraqi paper owned by Saddam’s notorious son Uday, told readers that President Clinton had decided to lift sanctions against Iraq.
Maybe I’m too seriously minded but any day that gives a totalitarian regime the ability to pull such a joke on its’ populace is really something I can do without.

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