Letter From Your Editor: April Showers Bring…Stress

April 1st. To some, it’s a day to tape faucets on and put saran wrap on toilet seats. It’s the first official day of the first official month of Spring. It’s a signal that winter is indeed, basically, over.
April also means that some of us are mere months away from either summer break or graduation, a fact that’s at once awesome and totally f*cking nerve wracking. What does the future hold, April? Will I get that job I’ve been praying for? Will I make it through Finals / my Thesis? Will flowers ever bloom again? And what about that hottie I’ve been eyeing for two months? Will they finally freaking notice me?! I mean, how many times do I have to walk by their door in my best pair of seductive summer shorts…?!
…Well, since April is a month and not a person, I suppose I’ll have to wait a little longer for these questions to be answered. But you, dear, fabulous reader, you can have your questions answered now!
If they’re about the site, of course. Got questions? Comments? Ideas? Let us know. A few cool things are going on with us, and all shall be revealed soon. But until then, we really want to hear from you. Where are you from? Favorite ice cream flavor? What really pisses you off, generally, when it comes to the human population?
Please. Elaborate.

I Love April Fools’ Day—APRIL FOOLS!!!
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