One of These Things is Not Like the Others…


Dianne Wiest. John Lithgow. Arthur Miller. Broadway. Katie Holmes.

Figure it out yet? Of course you have, because Katie Holmes on Broadway seems to fit as much as Katie Holmes accepting an Oscar, which is to say that it absolutely doesn’t fit. (And because there is a big picture of Katie Holmes at the top of this post)

But fit it must as Katie Holmes is in talks to make her Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller classic All My Sons alongside acting pros Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow. The Daily Mail also points out that not only is it Katie’s first turn on Broadway, but also her first play since high school.

I’m willing to eat my hat if Katie can pull this one out, but I honestly can’t see how this will end well. Not only will she be overwhelmed by the material (All My Sons isn’t exactly Mad Money) but she will be acted into a corner by Wiest and Lithgow.

That being said, as pessimistic as I am about the project, I do find myself rooting for her just a little. When she was on Dawson’s Creek, I just remember being generally annoyed not so much by Katie Holmes’ acting, but by her character in general. And she did alright in The Gift, if I can remember correctly (and girlfriend took it off. Gotta give her her props for that.) It’s just that Katie Holmes isn’t an actress anymore, not really. She’s become a caricature, or, more nicely, a personality, because of this whole Tomkat nonsense.

If she is thinking of this as a boost to her career, well, her career sure needs one of those. I guess it couldn’t hurt.

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