Reasons to See Stop-Loss (Other than Channing Tatum)

nullYou either love war movies or hate them. You either have an entire wall of DVDs ranging from Full Metal Jacket to the Deer Hunter, or you vomit at the site of blood. I don’t care if you can’t stop watching them or can’t stand them – go see Stop-Loss.

As a film major at Emerson College, I’m pretty in touch with the current crop of movies that are hitting the silver screen. I may not see all of them but I know about most of them, which is why I eventually wind up not shelling out an absurd amount of money to see them in theaters.

But I’ve never felt so connected with a movie in my entire life. I’ll admit, I’m pretty damn liberal. I spent much of my high school years bashing every facet of the war and the current administration. But I cried during this movie.

I cried because the things that happen in this film are happening to young men and women just like me, who are the same age as me, who watch the same movies and listen to the same bands and have the same hobbies as I do.

I cried because two of the closest people to me are seriously considering enlisting. I cried because it’s so real. And only 15% of the movie involves combat. It’s just so real, the struggles are so real, the situations are so real.

I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative. I don’t care what you feel about this war or this administration. Go see Stop-Loss. You might not like it; you may hate it. But you need to see it. And if you know anyone serving, think of them.

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