5 Soundtracks I Love More Than Their Companion Films

#5 Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

A great film, but you can’t beat two discs of 1980s new wave music. It was catchy and a constant reminder of some of the movie’s most comic and heartwarming moments. I can still be found singing in my room, just like I was in 8th grade, to Howard Jone’s No One Is To Blame. That’s a sign of of soundtrack excellence.

#4 Not Another Teen Movie

In a similar vein, Not Another Teen Movie celebrates the music of 1980s with the help of contemporary groups like Phantom Planet, Good Charlotte and even Marilyn Manson. The new spin on old favorites makes for a great listen and a refreshing collection. I was surprised such a bizarre mix of artists could come together to create something so innovative, especially for such a sh*tty film.

#3 I Am Sam

Not a bad movie at all, just a prime example of a wonderful soundtrack eclipsing a film. If you haven’t heard it, it’s a compilation of popular artists doing Beatles covers. It’s hard to improve on the Beatles, but the new selections are noteworthy in their own right. Speaking of which, Rufus Wainwright’s cover of Across The Universe makes me smile with tears in my eyes whenever I hear it.

#2 Juno

The only thing better than fun and bubbly indie pop is obscure, fun and bubbly indie pop. When I started losing interest in the film’s pop-culture infatuated heroine, the music kept the movie and its characters vulnerable and compelling. Rhino Records is releasing a sequel to the highly acclaimed album next week. The collection, “Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted Songs,” consists of 15 songs not even in the movie, but in the same space of what director Jason Reitman dubs the “Junoverse.”

#1 Garden State

It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, but I’ve only watched it about twice in the last year compared to the 20+ times I’ve heard the soundtrack. This could be because it’s hard to watch movies while walking to class but it also has something to do with the beautiful collection of songs. People finally jumped on The Shins bandwagon, Imogen Heap and Frou Frou were suddenly everywhere and we had a new reason to love Coldplay. Zach Braff tried to recreate the magic on The Last Kiss soundtrack, but I don’t think he succeeded. Albums like the Garden State soundtrack don’t come with a formula and can’t be recreated like a chemistry solution. Compilations are an art, not a science.

But this is just one woman’s opinion. What soundtracks have I forgotten? Did you actually like Not Another Teen Movie and subsequently hate my guts right now? Let it all out in the comments.

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