Pete Wentz Lays It On Thick

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz uses way more eyeliner than I do. And I’m okay with that. Because he’s sexy. Really sexy. And I don’t find his eyeliner sexy just because I like girls. I’m just okay with Pete Wentz wearing eyeliner.

But does he have to make it too? Apparently so, since he’s just started his own make-up line, WentzPentz.

Just as catchy as a Fall Out Boy song.

The band’s fashionistador lyricist and bassist will very soon be selling his own brand of vegan eyeliner pencils. All five of them are Chicago-themed, in honor of his hometown.

19-year-old boys in 15-year-old girls’ pants can choose from: Green-Eyed Sidekick, Fireside Bowl, By the Power of Grayskull, Let’s Take the Brown Line to Wellington, and Blue Line, Next Stop: Damen.

It’s also been noted that Wentz is interested in starting a hair product line entitled Hair Dude, which will specialize in clip-on hair extensions for men.

Pete, the joke’s on you….you sold out. Don’t get me wrong bro, I love you and your band and your ridiculously catchy lyrics. But you’re a businessman enough already. Just…go back to taking naked pictures of yourself. Thanks.

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