Pickup Lines: A Lost Art?

To some, pickup lines are irritating, to others, they’re a welcome invitation, and to still others, they can even be insulting. Personally, while there is a slim likelihood of taking a guy seriously after he throws out a clichéd line, I do enjoy a good laugh from those that are unique.
Enter last weekend. While out on the town blissfully throwing back a few vodka sodas with my best wing-women, I was approached by what I could only assume was a potential suitor. The prospect excited me. Standing there all suave with his head cocked to one side, he said “Girl, you are solid steel and sex appeal.”
I laughed so hard I nearly spilled my drink (thank god for my cat-like reflexes, to waste my drink would have been a tragedy). While I appreciate notice to my “solid steel” physique and “sex appeal” (it is nice to know that my time at the gym and new bio-flex bra paid off) I laughed hysterically and he quickly fled the scene. Once fully able to compose myself, my gals and I commenced a reminiscent conversation of a few unusual pickup lines we have witnessed:
Nice rack.” – Simple, yet to the point. And did I mention classy?
I really like the way you aren’t trying to look like the other girls here. You just look so comfortable with yourself.” – Talk about a back-handed complement. (And for the record there was a two hour preparation for this particular night out.)
You’ve got an onion-booty. So cute it makes me wanna cry.” – When I heard a guy say this to my friend, I wanted to cry. From laughter.
Girl, you know I’m going to find you on myspace..” Is that a threat? Considering if was coming from a complete stranger, we collectively felt it was possible.
I was wondering if you have a moment for me to hit on you?” – The answer was no, but it was nice of him to ask.
I know these verbal wonders may not be new to everyone, but they were to me and a welcomed change from the classics.
[What’s the best line you’ve ever heard? Come on, spill!]

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