Chicken Stirfry Chow Mein

I studied abroad for five months in China, and let me tell you, the food there is the best in the world. Ever since I got back, I’ve been trying to replicate it. So far I haven’t had much luck, but this recipe is closer than many.

I like chow mein (which isn’t an actual Chinese dish), but I’ve never liked the crunchy noodles that go along with it. They don’t exist in China, and I prefer rice. You can serve this yummy chicken dish with either.

To make enough chicken stirfy for one person, you’ll need half an onion (chopped), about ¼ pound of diced chicken, 2-3 scallions (chopped), two stalks of celery (chopped), a tablespoon of oil, about a teaspoon of soy sauce, some pepper, and any combination of flavored sauces (here I used garlic-ginger stirfry sauce and black bean sauce).

By the way, don’t be a loser like me and put your raw chicken on the same cutting board as everything else. Split them up. You should always keep your raw meat separate from your other ingredients while cooking.

To start making the stirfry, pour the oil in a pan, and sauté the onions and celery until they’re soft and starting to get brown.

Add the chicken pieces. Cook until they’re no longer pink, but not until they’re brown.

Add the soy sauce, the pepper, and the flavored sauces.

Add the scallions.

Continue cooking for about 3 minutes, and you’re done!

Yes, it really is that easy.

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