Tally Hall: Embrace the Wonky Rock

Everyone knows someone in a band. Those guys that play in the basement. That band that played at every frat party. Your guy friends who are obsessed with Rock Band. You go to their shows, you rock out to the covers they play and you put them in your list of favorites on Facebook. Sure, you like them, but they’re really nothing more than a group of guys playing some instruments in between bong hits.
I knew a group like that. Or, at least I used to. Now that band has blown up, gotten a record deal and are touring the country. Their name is Tally Hall and they are some of most talented musicians I have ever heard.
And I am not just saying that.
Their first video – done completely by themselves – was a feature on YouTube last month. Their songs have been on the Real World and The O.C. (back when that show actually meant something) and their first album, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, has received quite a bit of well-deserved praise.
They describe their sound as “wonky rock,” which you have to hear to understand. Their lyrics are catchy, smart and fun and set to music of bass, guitar, drums, keyboard and the occasional xylophone and cowbell. The guys of Tally Hall also happen to be absolutely adorable, hilarious and talented at more than just throwing down a tune.
Tally Hall’s website is chock full of video shorts and an up-coming web series that highlights their life on the road as well as their ability to make anyone laugh. This band is the real deal and everyone needs to listen to what they have to say….er…sing.
Check out their video below and find out when Tally Hall is coming to a city near you. The tickets are cheap and the shows are intimate, but I have a feeling it won’t be that way for long.

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