Product Road Test: The Healing Garden

Confession: I’m a beauty product junkie. So much so that two dresser drawers and a large makeup table can’t hold all the hair products, makeup, and countless lotions I own—I keep the extras in “storage,” two large plastic bins hidden in my closet.

And despite the fact that my collection is so massive that I actually hide half the stuff when my new boyfriend comes over (seriously, it makes me look disturbed)—I couldn’t help but check out the new Botanical collections from the healing garden.

I decided to cover all my bases: CALM: Tender Lavender whipped body lotion on my desk at work to soothe deadline stress, INSPIRE: Uplifting Jasmine rainwater body mist by my laptop at home to cure writer’s block, and DESIRE: Wild Ginger whipped body lotion and rainwater body mist at my boyfriend’s apartment. Alleviating work stress and writer’s block is nice and all, but I won’t lie—I was most looking forward to trying out the DESIRE lotion and body mist.

Verdict: delicious! The lavender lotion, with lavender, Valerian, and chamomile, reminded me of clean laundry (minus the detergent-overload smell I get whenever I do laundry myself), and gave me baby-soft hands without leaving a grease residue on my keyboard.

Next up was the jasmine body mist, a super-subtle mix of jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and passion flower. I’m pretty sure “body mist” comes with the connotation that it’s to be used on the body, but try spraying it around your room. You’ll never need another bottle of Febreze again.

Last up was the wild ginger lotion and body mist. I was going to try it out on a tough critic—my boyfriend, an indie hipster who never wears cologne because he doesn’t want to smell the way “they” think he should smell. Since we started dating, I’ve cut back on my perfume use, which, admittedly, was probably a bit on the overwhelming side (I just don’t know when to stop!)

So one night, before our regular ritual of lazing about on the couch, I slathered on some lotion and gave a few quick sprays of body mist post-shower. Cuddling up next to him, I held my breath waiting for a nose scrunch of disapproval—and, nothing! The orange blossom and white ginger made for a soft, feminine scent with a hint of spice, not a heavy cloud of fragrance.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the scents in the Botanical collections: Sensual Plum, Soothing White Tea, Revitalizing Green Tea, Passionate Rose, and Relaxing Chamomile. Try ’em and tell me what you think!

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