Still Have Jewelry from an Ex? Sell It Here!

For Christmas one year, my first boyfriend shocked the hell out of me by buying me this beautiful emerald and diamond necklace set in white gold (because he knew how much I hated gold jewelry). I was stunned. And pissed because I had only gotten him a new nice set of knives and a copy of The Ladies Man on DVD. I honestly didn’t think we were close enough for jewelry, or that he even liked me enough to buy me something so obviously gorgeous and expensive.

Turns out, I was right. We broke up two months later amidst screaming fights and accusations and I couldn’t wear that damn necklace anymore, not because I didn’t like it, but because he had given it to me.

I wish had been around then, so something good could have come from the whole relationship debacle. On the website, not only can you sell the jewelry that the bastard (or that wonderful guy you f*cked over) gave you instead of giving it back, or throwing it away, or letting it sit in your creepy Jeff shrine, or whatever, but you can also buy jewelry from similarly situated women and give it, in a sense, new life.

Each item comes with its own delightful story about the boyfriend who bought it, like this gem from “FreefromFrank”: always wanted Tiffany jewelry from a boyfriend. Well, I finally got my wish but with some drama. Turns out he bought the same exact pieces for his WIFE! Doh!! He was married. She’s the one that told me all about it the day she called my office freaking out. presents itself as a welcoming, sympathetic alternative to a pawn shop or a consignment shop and it is, giving it’s patrons more than just a couple of bucks and some extra room in the jewelry box. Indeed, the site provides some comfort to the ex-girlfriends (and, the website insists, ex-boyfriends too) and shows them that they are not the only ones who are, perhaps, weighed down by lovely jewelry and not-so-lovely emotional baggage attached to it.

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