The Olsen Twins: In The Ring

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are powerhouses; media moguls, fashion icons, a paparazzi wet dream and the wet dreams of many men (before they got all skinny and Gremlin-esque, that is). And though their bank accounts may still be kicking ass, if they had to physically FIGHT for their fortune, would they be able to duke it out???

I mean, who would win in a fight? The Olsens, or another up-and-coming teen sensation? Let’s disscuss…

Round One

Raven Symone vs. The Olsen Twins

Uh, Rudy Huxtable may be a Disney star, but girl looks like she could take a man in a dark alley. She’s no joke and neither are her facial expressions. KO the Olsens are down.

Round Two

Hilary Duff vs. The Olsen Twins

Hilary may have a mean snarl with those new veneers of hers, but she’s too dainty to chip her manicure. The Olsens are all about the chippy nails, missed showers and ratty hair. KO H. Duff down.


Round Three:

Miley Cyrus vs. The Olsen Twins

The only thing scarier than Hannah Montana are her damn fans. Hannah has yet to acquire the grit necessary to take an Olsen, but she does have the posse. Before Miley could get a bruise, there would be eight hundred 12-year-olds wielding machetes ready to hack off some Olsen body part. Miley wins, hands down. KO Olsens down.

So in the ring, The Olsens have one win, which is a devastating LOW considering their alleged power.

Let’s hope that someone can force feed them a protein shake or some Muscle Milk, just in case it ever gets physical…

Who would you like to see the Olsens in the ring with??

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