Tidbits to Keep You Healthier, Slimmer and Not So Icky.

Do you like brushing your teeth with toilet bowl water?
Because if like most people, you keep your tooth brush on the bathroom sink — that’s essentially what you’re doing.
After coming across the article “The 16 worse places to stash your stuff” in Prevention magazine, I felt enlightened and educated. But mostly I felt nauseas . Apparently, when you flush, the 3.2 million microbes per square inch of germy-gunk in your toilet bowl is propelled as far as 6 feet, settling on the floor, the sink… and your toothbrush.
Fix it: Keep your toothbrush in a cabinet
Some other tidbits to keep you healthier, slimmer and not so icky.
The worst place to set your handbag: the kitchen counter
Typing the words Marc Jacobs handbag and gross in the same sentence makes me shudder… but between lecture halls, bars, restaurant floors, airports and restroom stalls, that treasured tote of yours has more than its share of icky-icky stuff on it. Including… fecal bacteria.
Fix it: Put your bag in a drawer or on a chair, anywhere except where food is prepared or eaten.

The worst place for your sneakers and flip-flops: in the bedroom closet

Traipsing through your apartment in shoes you wear outside does more than just make your carpets dirty. According to a study, lawn chemicals tracked inside a house remained there for a full week. Shoes also carry in pollen and other allergens.
Fix it: Keep your shoes in a basket by the door. If your pumps stay off the lawn, you can keep them on in the apt— otherwise, carry them.
The worst place to cool leftovers: in the refrigerator
We all know the song… “When you’re walking down the hall and your teacher saw it all- diarrhea…” so unless you want to be stuck at home all weekend begging for Imodium A-D, let your leftovers cool to room temp before sticking them in the fridge. It can take a long time for the temperature in the middle of a big container of hot leftovers to drop, creating bacteria ready for you to consume when you come home ready for some late-night muchies.
Fix it: You can safely leave food to cool on the counter for up to an hour after cooking,. Or divvy up hot food into smaller containers and then refrigerate — it’ll cool faster.
The worst stall to pick in a public restroom: the one in the middle
The center stall has more bacteria than those on either side. You won’t catch an STD from a toilet seat, but you can get a whole slew of germs if you touch a dirty toilet handle and then neglect to wash your hands thoroughly.
The worst place for a workout reminder: stuck on your post-it and picture covered fridge
A visual nudge can help — but only if you notice it- which you are most likely not going to do when you’re reaching for the ice cream and your fridge is covered with pics from last months bar crawl.
Fix It: Put your note near a decision point. Set an alarm on your phone 30 minutes before you want to workout that says “change for the gym now!” or keep your workout DVDs near on your coffee table.
“Just remember: The boost you get from a reminder is usually short-term, so change the visuals often.”

The worst place to stand during your first few fitness classes: front and center

You might think that you’d want to be near the mirrors so you can check your form (or check out the cute instructor) but your sweat sesh will be more motivating if you can’t see yourself. By not being able to see yourself in the mirror, you won’t be nervous about what you look like or what others think of you when you are rocking out to those 1980’s Jams. The Result? a hardcore workout.
The worst place to keep medicine: the medicine cabinet
Your bathroom gets hot and steamy which is great for shaving your legs, or even getting the wrinkles out of the dress you want to wear tonight. But it’s not uncommon for your steamy bathroom to reach 100°F — well above the recommended storage temperatures for many common drugs.
Fix It: Store your meds (including Birth Control) in a cool, dry place, like in your dresser.

The worst place to set fruit before washing it: the kitchen sink
You may associate the sink with soap and water… but of everywhere in your house/apartment- the kitchen sink sees the most bacteria. (Even more than the toilet)
Fix it: Don’t set fruit in the sink and if a blueberry falls into the sink while washing, throw it away.
The worst place to use earbuds or headphones: on an airplane, train, or subway
Studies show that if your jamming to Kanye in a noisy environment, you probably crank the volume too high. A Harvard study found that in reasonably quiet surroundings, music remained at a lower level- but when background noise was added — 80 percent of those in the study boosted the volume as high as 89 decibels, a level that risks long-term hearing damage.
Fix It: Invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones —Two good options: Sony MDR-EX51LP ($40; sonystyle.com) and Etymotic Research ER-6i ($149; etymotic.com).
Your future children will thank you.
The worst place for your TV: wherever you dine
Think you can watch the latest episode of Celebrity Rehab or the Hills and still eat a normal portion? Think again. Watching TV while munching will keep you from noticing how much you are truly eating.
Fix It: Don’t eat in front of the TV!
*For the full list of the 16 Worst Places to Stash your Stuff, Click Here

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