A Playlist to Kick Your Ass Into Shape!

Not everyone is a gym freak. As a matter of fact, to some, the gym is like the plague. Working out takes serious motivation, time and dedication, and lifting weights in silence is even more painful, especially when the only noises are grunting meatheads. Yeah, no thank you.
Here are some tunes to block out those awkward noises and kick your ass into gear!

1. Headlights Look Like Diamonds– Arcade Fire
2. This Modern Love– Bloc Party
3. Freakum Dress– Beyonce (girl knows how to work it and you’ll wanna pull out your best drag queen moves after this song. Platforms are essential)
4. Bullet and a Target– Citizen Cope (the whole album is work out worthy)
5. Baby Makin’ Hips– Fantasia (please ignore the title, the song is all about the BEAT)
6. Hate On Me– Jill Scott (this is a good redemption tune)
7. Anything’s Possible– Johnny Lang (a young dude with the soul of an old man, this song will make you feel like you could move mountains, literally)
8. When Your Heart Stops Beating– Plus 44
9. Breakin’ DishesRihanna (also a GREAT song to release any ‘boyfriend rage”)
10. I am Your ManRyan Shaw (it’s a good follow up so you don’t become a complete man-hater on the Elliptical)
11. In Love With A GirlGavin Degraw (glad you’re back Gavin! Grab his album on May 6th, it’s going to be SUPERB)
12. Drivin’ Me WildCommon Ft. Lily Allen (great duet on so many levels)


And Cool Down with…


13. Everytime It RainsCharlotte Martin (this song makes me smile like an idiot)
14. Silver LiningRilo Kiley
These tunes should be enough motivation for ya, now GO!
What tunes are on your “Work Out Playlist”?

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