Wii-Ing All Over The Place

Thank the good people over at Scanner for alerting me to this.
Gone are the days of MarioKart, Zelda and NBA Live ’95. Instead, today’s hottest video game title features people peeing on cats. The newest Wii title in Japan is called Super Pii Pii Brothers. Just insert your Wiimote into the underwear-like harness (included of course) and start pissing the night away.
Your goal: aim for the three toilets on the screen. Kittens and other creatures pop out of the commodes and you earn extra points for dousing them with your stream of urine. You can pee in different locales and environments, but get too much on the floor and you lose…so does the custodian.
I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to pee standing up, but never enough to want to simulate the experience in a virtual setting with my closest friends and/or family. Call me old school, but whatever happened to Cranium? Too clean?
Super Pii Pii Brothers may seem too ridiculous to be true, but check out the game in action. If you want to play yourself, the game is available in through ThinkGeek.

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