Designer Looks On A College Budget: Cameron Diaz

The Kid’s Choice Awards don’t really conjure up images of high fashion, and usually the celebrities use this time to dress like complete nuts (Rihanna and Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’m talking to you). But for a look that is summery and fun, Cameron Diaz nailed it on the head.

The dress’s print is interesting and unique without being too avant garde. I really love the cardigan, because it keeps the mini-ness of the dress from looking too trampy. The shoes and the purse just set the dress off perfectly.

Now, let’s look at the original cost of this look. The dress is Missoni, and similar dresses retail for about $2,000. The cardigan looks very similar to this Autumn Cashmere cardigan, which originally retailed for $144. The shoes are Christian Louboutin Patent d’Orsay wedges and they clock in at $645. Finally, that adorable little clutch looks pretty similar to this Hobo International Patent Clutch, which would set you back about $138. This brings our grand total to $2,927! A bit pricey for a little summer outfit.

So let’s break it all down and find these pieces in a price range you can afford.

Now, that dress is very unique, and something that is pretty difficult to replicate. If you’re willing to splurge a little, this dress (pictured on the left) still has that unique print and a similar silhouette, but it is a bit expensive at $72. Another option, definitely the budget option, is still summery, and about the same length as the original dress, but it has a very different print and silhouette. However, the price is right at $29. I would advocate saving up a bit and purchasing the dress on the left, remember investment pieces are a staple of any girl’s wardrobe, and you know you’re going to be wearing that dress all summer.

For the cardigan, I sincerely hope you already have one, considering you can wear it with basically everything. This one from Old Navy is a great basic, and it’s a steal at $19.50. This one is particularly versatile because it’s very lightweight, so you can wear it all summer. Bonus — it comes in nine colors, so I would definitely recommend picking up a few.

And now we move to the duplicates of the ridiculously expensive accessories. This clutch from eBags is really cute and has some structural details that I really love, plus it’s on sale right now for $28.80. Another option is this yellow clutch from Forever 21, it’s a little more understated and it’s definitely a bargain at $8.80.

The shoes are pretty dressy, and I like these wedges from Payless because they definitely look a lot like the original Louboutins, but they are more casual and probably easier to wear. Also, they are only $22.99. The white will also prove to be a bit more versatile because of the print on the upper, as well as the cork heel.

So our total for the budget version of the outfit (with the price of the more expensive dress and clutch) is $143.28. What is amazing about this is that price is basically 5% of the original outfit’s price.

Wow. Maybe Cameron should shop around a bit next time.

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