“Geisha Guys” Are Huge In Japan

Successful Japanese female executives are shelling out thousands for the companionship of male hosts, affectionately dubbed “geisha guys.”

No sex, not even kissing, just a night full of wine, good food, thoughtful conversation and lots and lots of compliments.

This gender role reversal is big business. Nightclubs catering to women and their geisha guys are popping up all around Tokyo. With more disposable income than ever before, women are willing to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 for a night of male companionship. Not only are women getting what they want, but the male hosts are raking in the bucks. The host pictured earned over $200,000 last year!

One customer said, “This is a gift for myself. It’s the same as spending money on a trip or buying something.”

I will probably never have that much money to spend on boys, (especially ones who aren’t even making out with me), but if I did I can’t say I’d be interested. There are just too many fun ways to spend $1000. New clothes, stock portfolios, top-shelf liquor, a DVD shopping spree, a gorgeous handbag…

The whole thing is kind of like leasing an apartment when you could just buy a house. Instead of sinking thousands of dollars into one night chat-fests, sink it into good therapy, a new dress and an online dating service. Like owning a home, it’s a lot more work to keep up a relationship, but the investment is usually worth it.

…unless he’s a fixer-upper.

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