My New Haircut (Caution, Explicit and Hilariously Familiar Dialogue)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stumbling across the stereotypical d-bag AKA Guido AKA meathead AKA frat boy, you probably also had the pleasure of wondering if perhaps showering in bleach will burn the creep-residue off your skin.

Identified by his spiked hair, popped collar, big muscles, and a tan that looks like he just spent the last two months in the Caribbean, he is a guy that people really love to hate.

In fact, people love to hate this guy so much a video tribute was made to celebrate the very essences that makes this character so unique. Check out the video, and for bonus enjoyment check out the spin-off editions, odds are you probably have seen those guys, too.


“Do You Got A GED?!”, FOL3 Recap: Episode 8
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