Taco Dip that Will Hit the Ball Out of the Park

Now that baseball season has started (Go Red Sox! Ahem, sorry), you’ll probably be finding yourself sitting around your friend’s apartment watching the game on his or her big screen TV. You know it’s rude to show up empty-handed, but what can you bring to a 1 p.m. game on a Sunday when you woke up at noon with a raging hangover? I have the perfect solution.

This taco dip is one of the simplest and cheapest things to make…and will guarantee you invites to any gathering. Not only do I make it for all sports-watching events I attend, but my friend has already asked that I make a huge one for her wedding. It’s that good.

All you need is:

1 container of whipped cream cheese (12 oz)

1 jar of salsa (I suggest Newman’s Own…hot because it’s not hot at all with all the other ingredients)

1 bag of cheese, any kind you want, but I usually get a Mexican blend

1 bag of shredded lettuce

Sliced olives.

How to make it:

Spread the cream cheese on the bottom of a dish

Pour jar of salsa on top

Put cheese on top

Put shredded lettuce on top

Sprinkle sliced olives on top

I told you it was easy. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a bag of tortilla chips. This dip will be gone before the 3rd inning!

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