Move Over Fabio! Mr. Quickie is What the Ladies Want

Some girls want roses and romantic music. They want Prince Charming to sweep them off their damn feet and whisper sweet nothings into their ears. They want sex to be the ultimate expression of love and passion; candles lit and wine. They want their man to go slow and worship every inch of their body one minute at a time. But those aren’t most girls.
Sure, sure, this sounds good to most girls…but only as an occasional thing. Who wants THIS every night? (Besides the aforementioned ‘some’ girls)
Some new research has been released that testifies to the fact that most people — women included — want their sex to be rather simple. This survey was led by sex therapists across the US and Canada and the results are in: Most people consider 7-13 minutes of sex desirable. 3-7 minutes is apparently ‘adequate’ and 10-30 minutes is said to actually be ‘too long’.
So what happened to all of the damsels in distress who crave long love making sessions? Are they just too busy now? I mean, lets face it, women certainly do have more opportunities across the board these days to work whatever job they want and to pursue whatever else in their free time. Maybe women don’t care about how long their man spends smooching their thighs anymore because they simply have better things to do than have Romance Novel sex with a wanna be Fabio?
What do you think? What’s YOUR desired sexy time??

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