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Beating Someone Up for YOUTUBE? C’mon Now


You know, I can understand being an angst ridden teenager. I can also understand being angry with someone who might have been provoking me on a social networking site-like Myspace. On top of that, I can understand being jealous of all of the totally rad videos on YouTube that get tons of plays and I can relate to the desire to create something that becomes incredibly popular.

BUT, beating the sh*t out of a cheerleader in your class who MIGHT have been (nothing has been proven) provoking you on Myspace is NOT COOL.

Eight teenage girls in Florida recently did something so disgusting that even angry outcasts would have cringe. They lured Victoria Lindsey, a pretty cheerleader, back to one of their homes. They had a video camera set up and then they proceeded to beat her for 35 minutes. They beat her so terribly that she was knocked unconscious and then dragged off into a car. Once in the car, she was driven to a second location and told that if she ran to the police… she would receive an even worse beating.

All eight teens have been arrested, and thank god that they have because this is some really gross horse sh*t.

I don’t care how angry you are at someone else. I don’t care how pissed you are that someone left a nasty comment about you on your Myspace page. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, excuses this kind of animal behavior.

I’ve been thoroughly sickened by this story ever since I heard about it a few days ago and the nausea is spreading like wildfire, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Myspace or YouTube for this. These girls are just bratty kids who wanted to beat the hell out of someone and doing it for the world via video was the icing on the cake. Tons of people out there use Myspace for the right reasons. Tons of people out there who want popular videos on YouTube just videotape their kid…laughing…or something.

THIS video, however, is embarrassing and gross.

What do you think about how these girls behaved? How do you feel about the fact that they used YouTube to exploit this horrific act?