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Lauren Conrad Has Clones


Easy on the eyeliner, LC.

Reality TV has even gotten to the smart people — the world has hit it’s ultimate demise (minus all the Globla Warming brew-ha-ha.)

Yale Law School is attempting to set a world record for the most people gathered in one spot dressed as Lauren Conrad.

Uh, do we really need another one?

Maybe YALE doesn’t have legging/headband, layered-necklace wearing chicks, but if you walk into any mall in America you’ll find LC lookalikes rummaging through Forever 21 and Claires like rioters after a flood.

I’d prefer they stay and hibernate there. We don’t need any more people immitating “faux celebrities.”

…However, the invite does mention something about free eyeliner. Hm. Maybe those genius kids at Yale are onto something.

If you truly desire the ability to dress like LC, check out this article.