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Mmmmm, Smoothies….


Smoothies are the ultimate food. They’re packed with vitamins and nutrients, they give you energy, and they taste AWESOME. If you’re pressed for time, a big smoothie makes a great breakfast or lunch, and it really fills you up and keeps you full for a while.

You might think a blender is essential for successful smoothie making, but I’ve used my food processor on countless occasions and been just fine. Until recently, I believed that the Perfect Smoothie was strawberry-banana, with a thick (though not lumpy) texture and a little yogurt and milk thrown in for good measure.

Two days ago, though, I discovered a new Perfect Smoothie, and I am now convinced that nothing can beat it. It is criminal that I should keep this new recipe to myself, so I am sharing it with CC’s readership so that every one of you can also make yourselves delirious with enjoyment over this particular smoothie.

It’s easy: you just need one banana, half a mango (peeled and roughly chopped), a little over half a cup of milk, a tablespoon of heavy cream, half a teaspoon of sugar, and one ice cube.

You might need to crush the ice cube before you throw it in the blender/food processor, because a full cube of ice can sometimes make the blades in those devices go haywire. Once you have smaller pieces of ice, though, throw them in the blender along with everything else, and go crazy. I like to puree the smoothie until it’s really smooth, but you can leave it a little chunkier if you want.

Pure bliss, I swear. Pick up a mango next time you go to the store, and you can thank me later.

I just quit my job to become a freelance writer and go to baking school. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, that's right, you have to wake up early to go to work/class and I don't.