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Partying Tonight? Rock Out to This Playlist!


Getting ready for a night out with your girls shouldn’t be you stomping around looking for “THAT” bra and pissed because you can’t get your eye shadow the same on your left eye as it is on your right eye. Getting ready for a night out, in my partying opinion, should be a freakin’ PRE GAME.

I’m talking loud music, drink in hand, and you dancing around to the songs below in your underwear.

This is my personal “Getting Ready” playlist and I guarantee that you’ll want to make it yours after you hear these songs.

“Earthquake” FAMILY FORCE 5 (Dance, Rock, Crunk)

“Filthy Gorgeous” SCISSOR SISTERS (Rock, Pop)

“Sexy Results” DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 (Drum & Bass/Punk)

“Seventeen” LADYTRON (Electro/New Wave)

“After Dark” LE TIGRE (Electro/Punk)

“Rock Is Dead” MARILYN MANSON (Rock)

“F*ck The Pain Away” PEACHES (Electro/Rock)

“The New Black” EVERY TIME I DIE (Metal/Southern Rock)

“Horse Pills” THE DANDY WARHOLS (Indie/Rock)

“Love Me Or Hate Me” LADY SOVEREIGN (Hip Hop)

ENJOY! These songs rock and will definitely get you off of your ass and having FUN while you’re getting ready. Screw THAT bra. Go braless.

Don’t stress when you’re getting ready to go out! Dance it off.