Stars Looks For LESS

Want to look like Rachel Bilson (well, in this picture, anyway)?

Aviator Sunglasses: $15.95 at

Scarf: at for $24.99 (real cashmere though!)

White Woven Shirt: for $19.80

Sweater: Lux sweater at for $29.99

Dark Straight Leg Jeans: for $27.80

Flats: in purple at for $19.00

Dressing like a fashionable celebrity has never been easier, and instead of spending a disgusting amount of cash on stuff that’s basically just cloth and buttons, you can hit up one of these cheaper chains and buy your “in the moment” styles for the right “in the moment” price.

CC Fiction: Chasing Chastity — Part 1
CC Fiction: Chasing Chastity — Part 1
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