Text-Etiquette, Am I Asking 4 2 Much?

This weekend I met a guy. He is cute, funny, and 6’1″ – we exchanged numbers, and things were looking good.
Then at the end of the night as I was falling asleep, my phone chirped to inform me of a new text, from my new guy, “Great 2 meet u.”
Damn. And he had so much potential.
I know, I know, it is a sweet thing to say, but my problem is not with what he said, its how. I am the first to admit that I being extremely judgmental, but as an English major and someone who thoroughly enjoys words, I really hate to see them butchered.
Yeah, I’ve had people rationalize this texting style as faster, easier, whatever, but to substitute a single letter or a number for a word completely peeves me. Every time I see ‘4‘ in place of the word ‘for‘ or ‘c‘ instead of ‘see‘ or ‘2morrow‘ where there should be a ‘tomorrow‘ I cringe, I think of a junior high student, IQ points are lost, and a person suddenly seems extremely lazy- is it really that much harder to just type the extra two or three letters?? (The answer is no.)
Since my love life has been a little MIA lately, and aside from his bad text – etiquette I really thought he was a great guy I am not going to write him off (get it, write him off… since he doesn’t spell words right?) for lazy spelling. I’ll give him a shot, but I am just wondering, exactly how long do I have to wait before I can ask him to please expel the extra effort and use complete words?

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