Friends. No Benefits

Last night, as I sat in a bowling alley surrounded by twelve guys, I realized that I don’t have many girl friends anymore (at least ones that aren’t 3,000 miles away). Yet, even though I spend a majority of my free-time with the male species, I am still a very single lady. It is not like I don’t like my guy friends – they are good looking, funny, smart, successful, sorta perfect – but I just don’t like them like that.

People are always asking me why I haven’t dated any of these guys yet, or even made out with any of them. I had never really thought about it before and once I did I realized it is weird. I mean, how many times have you made out with a close guy friend? And how many of your friends in relationships started out as “just friends” until they got drunk, made out in a dark corner and realized they loved each other? It seems like a natural progression: if a guy and a girl like each other enough to be best friends then, in theory, they should like each other enough to be more. I am just not sure I really believe that.

There is so much more to taking a friendship to another level than mere feelings. And it is those things that have kept me a friend-to-all-men. Maybe it’s an insecurity thing (“They would have made a move if they were interested”), maybe it’s a fear of ruining a really quality friendship (“It’s hard to find guys you feel comfortable discussing vibrators with!”) or maybe it’s just really f*&king weird to think about making out with any of these guys (“EW!”). They are like brothers to me; the thought of making it anything more is actually creating nauseating waves in my stomach.

Anybody got some Ginger-Ale? My boss tells me that one day I am going to wake up and realize that I am in love with my best friend and the only reason I don’t know it yet is because I am not giving it a chance. That may hold true, like Ross and Rachel or that new movie with McDreamy, but for now that is not even close to being on the radar. And should I really have to force myself to be sexually attracted to someone? Doesn’t that break some rules? These guys are my guys. End of story.

I know Harry (as in, the one who met Sally) said it is impossible for guys and girls to be friends. I disagree. And I have about 12 examples to prove it.

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