Go on a $3 Trillion Shopping Spree!


BestWeekEver.tv has brought a site to my attention that gives you $3 Trillion fake dollars to buy anything from a cure for Alzheimer’s, to a secret island fortress (reasonably priced at $15 million) to, yes, World Peace (which has a price, apparently. Who’da thunk?)

Why $3 Trillion, (and yes, that’s a Carl Sagan Trillion with a “T”) you ask? Because that is how much the occupation in Iraq is costing America.

On their website, 3Trillion.org quotes Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz:

Just counting the zeroes on the $3 trillion price tag of the Iraq War is enough to induce hyperventilation. But what does $3 trillion really mean? It’s difficult even to comprehend a number that big. Well, try filling your shopping cart with what the cost of the Iraq War could buy: healthcare for every American? A new home for every subprime borrower now facing foreclosure? An Ivy League university? You haven’t even gotten started.”

The website puts the situation into an incredibly depressing perspective, showing how much better that massive amount of money could be spent to feed the homeless, cure disease and environmental crises, protect and build social programs, etc. The site puts the power in your hands, so to speak, and asks you how the money should be spent; to see if, as they say, you can do better than President Bush.

You can even send out gift certificates to your friends, inviting them to spend the money as they see fit (as the website says, ‘Isn‘t giving better than killing?’).

How would you spend $3 Trillion? Or are you fine with funding the war in Iraq? Write us a comment and let us know!

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