Don’t Mess With PMS

It’s the start of a new week and already I feel haggard and exhausted. My moods are swinging like a particularly feisty pendulum and my breasts ache. It can only mean one thing: my good friend PMS is on the horizon.
The beginnings of some minor stomach cramps, an increased feeling of self-consciousness and a patience threshold shorter than my small toe surface like clockwork once a month, warning me of impending pain and the cycle of womanhood.
Thankfully I am not alone, basking in the dull glory of 90% of menstruating women who currently experience some form of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. There are at least a hundred symptoms, though women experience a mix of just a few. The most common include irritability, loss of confidence, poor concentration, crying for no particular reason and the infamous mood swings, as feared by boyfriends and spouses the world over.
I myself am prone to similar experiences as mentioned above, along with an unpleasant notion of feeling like a beached whale and wishing my bedroom were the sea and my bed the sand, so I could waddle on my belly to bask in comfort and perhaps make a few guessed interpretations of what I would consider to be whale groans.
Treating such a varied problem is a tricky business; it is difficult to differentiate the factors which stem from the stresses of every day life to those blown out of proportion by PMS. There are treatments available, though it is suggested to increase your intake of vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil before considering something more invasive.
I’m lucky in the sense that I know my body well. I know when my PMS is flaring up, hence I can control it to a limited extent (such as warning those around me of possible temper tantrums beforehand!). A balanced diet also helps, as does a regular influx of water into your system which helps keep you hydrated. Peppermint tea also works wonders, as does camomile. Exercise – though it may be the last thing you feel like doing – also helps clear your mind and offers a rush of natural endorphins.
Despite the hassle of PMS, the one positive thing I have found is that you can get away with murder. Literally. And in a way, that almost makes up for the stresses and strains of being a woman. Almost.
What symptoms do YOU suffer from? How do they affect your everyday life, and how well can you control it? Let us know.

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