Get Ready to Soak up Summer!

Most people love summer. And why not? You get to prance around in sun dresses, drink and eat outside, and enjoy all sorts of recreational activities that the cold weather just…ruins.

Nonetheless, I feel like a lot of people take the warm weather for granted! Having spent the last four summers touring the country in a van, I’m ready for my first summer off.

I’m lame, yes, but I’ve already put together a lengthy list of fun sh*t to do this summer while home. And I’m going to remember these experiences forever. I encourage you to look into these ways to soak up summer fun:

Painful Paint Balling

Tough Trail Hiking

Frightening White Water Rafting

Expensive Skydiving

Thrilling Hang Gliding

Amazing Field/Beach Bonfires. With beer.

Water Skiing

Ghost Town Seeing

Vineyard Walking

Country Road Exploring

Flower Picking

Road Trip Mastering

BBQ Hosting

Outdoor Movie Going

Music Festival Attending

Smoothie Sipping

Sun Baking

And that’s just a warm up, folks. ENJOY the warm weather. And take advantage of the Internet so that you can cherish your memories with even more accuracy than before. Make videos. Take pictures. Write blogs. Find the best deals on everything. Research the coolest things within driving distance from you.

Believe me, after spending so many summer nights driving in a van, I have a new appreciation for the simple beauty of an iced coffee, good book, and beautiful park. And you should, too.

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