Not For Your Mom’s Book Club…

To be completely honest, after a long week of brain power the last thing I feel like doing in my free time is pleasure reading, however, I have found just the piece of literature to help re-light the spark: Chelsea Handler’s “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing her antics, Chelsea Handler is a complete trip with great material and no shame. I found Chelsea several years ago on the Oxygen Network’s “Girls Behaving Badly”, and from there followed her to the E! Network and caught a few stand-up shows — the rest is history.

So last weekend I picked up Chelsea’s book after many months of putting it off (like I said, reading for fun loses all appeal when you have to read for purpose), and headed to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy my book with a nice cup of coffee.

I have never felt like more of a spaz. I barely made it through the first chapter without literally laughing out loud – as in laughing out loud in the middle of a crowded coffee shop filled with students studying hard, sitting all by myself. Talk about being that girl.

It only took me a few more failed attempts to try and hide my laughing before I decided Chelsea’s book was best read in the privacy of my home, where only my roommates would judge me – and I have a feeling laughing while reading isn’t too high on the list.

I continued the rest of the book — yes, I read the whole thing in one sitting — in the living room with all my roommates, who continually asked me about every five minutes what I was laughing at, (the Jurassic park feet reference killed me.) Needless to say, this book became a cult-classic in my household within a week.

Her book, “A Collection Of One Night Stands” is just what is sounds like, an entire book in which Chelsea recalls all of her one night stands dating back to high school. Her conquests range from a stallion of a man she met on the Internet in community college, a summer fling with a Jersey Shore gas station attendant, a midget in Mexico, her gyno, plus about 15 more. (Starting to feel better about your one night stands?)

Sure, you can call her promiscuous and irresponsible, but there is so much entertainment to be found in the tales of a women who holds nothing back in her recollections (including her own skid-marks.) And the sheer unabashed nature of it all just makes you happy you can live vicariously through her, and enjoy the laughs without the continuous STD tests and hangovers.

After your next long week, when you’re in need of some humor and just not wanting to be the one who gets laughed at, enjoy some laughs with and at Chelsea.

And for the real fans, there is a second book, “Are You There God, It’s Me Chelsea” coming out real soon.

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