Internet Relationships: Making Us Cowards?

We have a problem. I have fallen again for someone…by Internet.
No, no, not or anything like that. I didn’t surf eHarmony and develop some delusional love affair with someone’s profile picture. It’s a little more complicated than that.
I’ve always hated dating. The whole process stresses me out. The questions that make you feel like you’re at a job interview, (which technically you are, ‘pick me, hire me!‘) the awkward hand holding, the TIME. All of it, to me, is just a means to an end. An end where you’re finally comfortable and can stop wearing make-up around them, stay in for the night to watch bad reality television, or cuddle under your Disney blanket, knowing they don’t care — they just want to be with you. I love love, but I don’t love the process of getting there. I just want it to happen and what better way to get there, than by the Internet?
Usually when I have a crush, instead of actually being bold enough to ask him out, or ask for his number….I Myspace stalk him and add him. Facebook? Hell yeah. WHY? Because, the Internet has completely enabled me to be a coward. If he sends me a message, I technically trick him into showing his interest in me first and then the ball is in my court. We can exchange emails and fly through the whole “getting to know you” process relatively quickly.
So yes, I have a new crush. And we have exchanged enough chit-chatting through emails so that when we DO see each other in person again, (NOTE: yes, I already know him) we’ll be able to get to “the good stuff” (no, not sexually…though that wouldn’t be all that bad.)
The question is, is this a good thing? Are the conveniences of the Internet making our relationships stronger or weaker? Will the relationships last, or happen too fast? And lastly, is going through Facebook/Myspace the best way to let a guy know you’re interested?!


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