No Shaving = No Kissing?

One of the things I hate most about being a girl is shaving. Guys have to shave their faces, yes, but they can also have beards, and there’s nothing wrong with a little stubble. Oh wait, there is? Gillette’s new ad campaign says, “no Fusion, no kiss.” Apparently, girls do not want to kiss men who have any stubble at all. So men need to shave it all off with Gillette’s new Fusion razor. I totally disagree.
Stubble can be sexy, right girls? I’m not really big on beards (though some girls are), but to me, there’s nothing at all wrong with a little five o’clock shadow.
Gillette’s new ad campaign is probably one of the worst campaigns I’ve seen in a long time, due to content and message. The interactive video basically tells guys to shave or all they’ll get from girls are handshakes. If you tell the video you don’t shave, a super annoying man describes way too many types of handshakes to you. If you tell the video you shave, they proceed to give you kissing lessons. The kissing lessons consist of women who are half dressed with their boobs hanging out, talking about kissing.
Of course there’s a time and a place to be clean shaven, but you don’t have to shave it all off to get a kiss from me. And guys who shave their chest and other body parts? Ugh, no thank you. I don’t want a man who feels like a girl. I’m certainly not saying back hair is sexy, but have hair where you’re supposed to.
Boys, don’t let Gillette tell you we’re not going to kiss you if you don’t shave for a couple days. Oh, but if you need Gillette’s kissing lessons, you probably won’t be getting kissed any time soon.

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