House Recap: Warm Up, Writers!

After what felt like zillions of months of waiting, there was finally a new episode of House this week. And I’m sorry to say that if you missed it… well, you didn’t miss much. It didn’t totally suck, but the writers must have been warming up before they eased into the really good stuff. Here’s a recap:

The patient du jour was a dude who collapsed during a protest and who appeared to have no major symptoms other than occasional fainting spells. House, however, usurped the patient with the theory that his niceness (yes, NICENESS) was a symptom of a more serious illness.

After a bunch of tests, the team found out that the guy had neurosyphilis and that the condition was supposedly affecting his brain. Kutner also tested a vial of “House’s” blood that he found lying around and discovered that House had syphilis. Long story short: House planted the blood so he could pretend to get nicer with treatment and make the team believe that his initial opinion of niceness being a defect was correct.

Whew! If that’s all a little confusing, let’s get simple: the dirt in this episode was that Cameron once slept with House (at least, it was strongly implied). Chase is pissed with Cameron (rightly) because she’s now putting him at risk of catching an STD, so there’s some major drama going on there.

In other news, House was sick of never seeing Wilson, so he worked out a visitation schedule with Amber. If you’ve seen the show, you can imagine how well that worked. Wilson was too passive-aggressive to choose sides, so House and Amber ended in a deadlock that probably won’t ever be broken.

All in all, I’d say the episode was valuable just for the tantalizing idea that Cameron and House slept together and the marginally entertaining thread of sarcastic performance reviews, so catch the full episode on Fox’s Web site if you missed it.  If not…eh.

Maybe the writers will have really warmed up by next week.

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