Irate Truckers March on DC (and more)!

It’s news time with your Kandy Korrespondent!

First off here’s the latest Candidate Candy:

Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean (whose infamous scream ended his nomination bid four years ago), warned that a prolonged Clinton-Obama battle has the potential to hurt the party’s chances against John McCain in November’s presidential election.

Meanwhile both campaigns continued their struggle on Monday to derail the others’ lead. In North Carolina, Barack Obama sought to spread his magnetism to working-class voters—who throughout the primaries have remained solidly in Hilary’s camp. He told a rally that he was going to take their questions rather than give them another party speech. “I want you to be able to lift the hood, and kick the tires, you know, take me out for a test drive a little bit

Senator Clinton got a boost on Monday night when a new AP poll placed her leading John McCain by 9 points.

The next democratic primaries will occur on May 6th in North Carolina, and Indiana.

It takes 2,024 delegates to capture the democratic nomination but as it stands now, neither candidate could capture that many from the remaining primaries.


In Other News:

On Monday Cuba’s President Raul Castro announced that all death sentences (with the exception of three convicted terrorists) had been commuted to 30 years to life. This is the latest of a series of reform-minded moves taken by Raul since he took over the office in February.

In Washington, DC on Monday, members of Trucks and Citizens United circled the National Mall in their rigs with horns blaring to protest rising fuel costs. With diesel prices at $4.18/gal it now costs $1,200 to top off a cross country rig. As the protest’s Chief organizer Mark Kirsch stated, “this was a groundswell movement. Truckers are parking their trucks because they can’t afford to haul freight. Businesses are going under, and folks haven’t seen Washington do a darned thing about it.”

Tragedy struck a family in the Gaza Strip when a missile crashed into a house where mother and four of her children were having breakfast. The incident occurred during an Isreali incursion into the area and it is unclear which side is to blame. According to the BBC, over 400 Palestinians, many of them civilians, have been killed in the Gaza Strip during the last five months.


And Now for Something Completely Different…

This past Saturday saw the first German Championships in Office Chair Racing in the town of Bad Koenig-Zell. With only a crash helmet and chair, 70 participants teetered through the 170-meter race. Now that’s a sight I’d love to have seen.

See ya tomorrow!

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