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ExSex: To Do or Not To Do (Part 1)


Brian and I broke up under relatively ridiculous terms. We were in the midst of a long distance relationship. A passionate one.

We both got wasted one night and in a fight via text message. And that led to a fight via telephone. And that led to me texting him: “We’re Over“. And then we were.

Like some sort of f*cked up magic trick, I pulled the ‘We’re over!’ card out of my black hat and POOF…our relationship went silent. On the morning after, I woke up so hungover that I didn’t really recall what had happened the night before..until I read my text messages. And apparently, he woke up in the same scenario. But neither one of us made the effort to fix the damage we had done. I think it was because we both knew deep down that we were not right for each other, anyway.

It’s with pain that I confess that Brian is one of the dumbest people I have ever met…let alone dated. But, like most dumb guys, he did have redeeming qualities. He was sweet to me. He actually made me feel like a girl; he made me feel loved. He was outgoing and always down for any adventure. And we LOVVVVVVEEEEDDDD getting stoned and screwing. It was like our sex brought us together in the sickest, but most satisfying way imaginable. He’s so well endowed that I can’t help but wonder: did god just put some of his brain in his dick?

Over the last year…we have slowly rekindled our friendship, a friendship that has remained a friendship. I have never thought even once about ever being emotionally involved with Brian again. I know now that he is a complete mismatch for me. However, a couple weeks ago…he comes out with THIS in the middle of an AIM conversation:

“Well…I would have sex with you again. I mean, I’m not going to ask you or anything..but it would be awesome”.

He continues on to tell me about how I’m the best sex he’s ever had.

He starts to recount memories of particularly awesome sexual encounters with each other.

He starts to send me pictures of his…um….you know.

He points out the fact that he’ll be in town very soon…

And…I can’t lie. All of this has got me thinking. We DID have great sex. Maybe the greatest. I DO feel as though we could do this exsex thing without risking ourselves emotionally–for once.

I’ll be seeing him this weekend. I feel awkward about it already. Will I dress hot and play hard to get and get off on the fact that he’ll be looking at me all night and thinking about me sexually? Or will I have a couple drinks and remind him of what the best sex he’s ever had in his life feels like?

To tell you the truth…I’m not really sure. But there will be a part two to this that will follow our much anticipated encounter…