My Sappy, Sad, Graduation Playlist (Part 1 of 2)

The three weeks before I graduated from undergrad I was miserable. I was sad, and already dreading the day all my friends would leave our previously un-penetrated bubble of binge drinking, late nights, traveling, naps and academia.

I’m in grad school now but I realized the crummy days are coming back again. My fifth year friends are rounding the victory lap and getting ready to leave school. I’m excited for them to scatter across the country, but sad to see them go. I decided my sentiment was best expressed in two playlists; one for those dark, depressing days and one for the hopeful, bright ones.

We’ll start with the sad one. Sometimes the best way to get over a hurdle is to have a good cry. This should make you do just that.

1. FreshmanVerve Pipe

Achingly sad when I was a freshman in high school, still pretty tear-inducing now that I know what they’re talking about.

2. Forever YoungAlphaville

This song is most known for the 8 billion TV prom scenes its used in. Don’t hold that against it. If you want to hold those haircuts against them, be my guest.

3. TearRed Hot Chili Peppers

Best lyric? “Say it now because you never know.” It sounds so much easier when Anthony Kiedis is advising you.

4. The Good Times Are Killing MeModest Mouse

Ever smiled with tears in your eyes? This is the song for you.

5. CannonballDamien Rice

Pretty much everything on Damien Rice’s album, “O,” is pretty sad. This one takes the cake.

6. To Sir With LoveLulu

The theme from the 1967 movie of the same name. An oldie but a definite goodie!

7. Everybody’s ChangingKeane

Proof that it’s hard to leave, but harder to be left.

8. WheelJohn Mayer

Mayer’s a great lyricist and he shows off in this track off of Heavier Things. “And if you never stop when you wave goodbye/You just might find if you give it time/You will wave hello again.”

9. Say YesElliott Smith

No sad song playlist is complete without a song Elliott Smith.

10. ReservationsWilco

Need a song to tell that person how you feel about them before they head out of town? Listen to this a few times, cry, then get out there and try it.

What songs did I miss? Anyone make a graduation list of their own before the big day? Check back in when I post the cheerful, upbeat, companion to this list.

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