Teacher To Students: “You’re Mean, I’m Suing!”

When I was in high school I made my teacher cry. It wasn’t my fault she was in her first year of teaching and couldn’t keep her sh*t together. It’s not like I spit at her or called her names; I simply disagreed with her argument that Cyrano de Bergerac was the best book ever written. And it was a Literary Criticism course! If you can’t handle a difference of opinion, then maybe you should consider teaching Kindergarten.

Had I known then that I could have been sued for such a disagreement, I probably would have thrown independent thought out the window and nodded my head in agreement like the rest of the class.

Thankfully, my teacher just excused herself to cry alone in the bathroom, unlike one Dartmouth lecturer who took it to a much more serious level: by seeking legal counsel.

I actually got my degree in education, so I can say from experience that teaching is a very difficult and thankless profession. You spend 16-18 hours a day either with the students, preparing for the students, or grading their crappy work. Then you come into the classroom where they are disrespectful and often times annoying. It is a job that drives you to drink countless glasses of wine and wonder why you ever wanted to do it in the first place. (Note: It is also incredibly rewarding!)

But, that is all part of the job and something you surely expect getting into a profession that deals with ungrateful children. (Don’t hate; you know you made your teachers’ lives hell back in the day.) Surely this woman cannot be naïve enough to think that Dartmouth kids would be any different?

They are at one of the country’s most esteemed institutions! Those children have been taught their whole lives to challenge ideas, read between the lines and analyze everything. Is this woman – who was a Dartmouth grad herself – so insecure that she can’t handle a little criticism? Is she that immature that not only is she going to tattle on the bullies, but she is also going to sue them?

Someone was mean to you? Fine, go home and cry into the soft, luxurious fur of your three cats. Throw back a few beers and dance to really loud music. Take a walk outside to regain some composure and come up with a plan for the following day.

But stick a lawyer on the students?

You have got to be kidding.

It’s obvious that this Professor has some self esteem issues to deal with, so maybe she should cancel the attorneys and find a few therapists instead. Because if she thinks people were disrespecting her before, she is definitely not ready for what is coming now.

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