US Bombs al-Qaeda ‘Target’ In Somalia: Up to 30 Killed, Children Among Wounded (and more)

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The US Military carried out an Air-strike on the central Somali town of Dusamareb on Wednesday Night killing al-Qaeda’s ‘top-commander in Somalia’. According to US officials Al-Shabab leader, Aden Hashi Ayro was inside the house leveled by the strike along with at least one of his top commanders.

A doctor at Dusamareb Hospital told the BBC that he was treating eight civilians, both women and children, for burns and shrapnel wounds. One of these women has since died.

According to the BBC, Al-Shabab, is a military wing of the Somali Sharia courts movement aka the Union of Islamic Courts. They were in power within Somalia until 2006 when they were overthrown by Ethiopian troops. Since then, the group has led the guerilla fight against the new Ethiopian-backed Somali government.

Over this past weekend, the two sides of the conflict engaged in heavy fighting, killing at least 81, and wounding 119 within the Somali capital of Mogadisu. According to Sudan Ali Ahmed, chairman of Elman Human Rights,

“The casualties … were caused by Ethiopians using heavy artillery and tank shells in residential areas of the war-torn capital.”

This attack is fifth known US strike against so-called operatives inside of Somalia. Past attacks have drawn heat from the international community, warning that the US is involving itself in a bloody internal civil war. These strikes have killed “terrorists” and civilians.

For more information on Somalia, check out my article on the Somalian civil war (ongoing since 1991) and my other article on pirates in Somalia.

In Other News:

In reaction to the latest scandal, the Chinese government is investigating thousands of factories suspected child slave labor. According to a Hong Kong newspaper, 167 children have already been “rescued” from their lives as slave laborers. It is not clear what the government plans to do with these children. If they are simply returned to their villages they are at high risk for once again being forced into similar situations.

18 US veterans commit suicide every day according to Arturo Gonzalez, a lawyer representing veterans’ groups who are lobbying the US government to provide better mental health care. Gonzalez, arguing his case before federal court Judge Samuel Conti, cited studies that found veterans committing suicide between three and 7.5 times more than the national average.

On a lighter note:

Good news for all of you future entrepreneurs! According to the New York Times, Universities across the country now offer classes to help fulfill your dreams, derailing past convention wisdom that “such skills cannot be learned in class”. More than 2,000 colleges and universities offer at least a class if not an entire course of study in entrepreneurship. In 1985, only 253 institutions offered such courses.

Albert Hofmann, the Scientist who accidentally discovered LSD, has died at the age of 102. During a laboratory experiment in 1943, a small quantity of a drug he was working on—the now infamous — lysergic acid diethylamide—fell onto his hand whereupon he began to experience,

“a not unpleasant intoxication-like condition, characterized by an extremely stimulated imagination […] I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of color”.

He was wont to refer to LSD as “my problem child”.

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