Antarctic Seal in Sex Predator Sting, Rougue Flying Pig Caught, Baby Tossing (and More!)

It’s been a long and intense news week. From the Austrian jerk who imprisoned his daughter to the American bombing of Somalia to the increasing global food crisis— things seem rather bleak at the moment.
So for today’s Kandy Kaleidoscope, I’ve compiled a series of stories to remind us all of the wonderfully wacky world we share.
Let’s get started—It’s news time with Kandy Korrespondent!
Beware hair! This past Monday, Shailendra Roy, a man in eastern India, pulled a 35-ton train 10 metres with his ponytail. He trained for the event by pulling everything from huge logs, to small cars, buses, and trucks. What’s next on the list? “I am planning to dangle myself from a helicopter.” We wish you the best of luck Mr. Roy.
Down Boy! According to the Journal of Ethology, scientists have observed an Antarctic Seal trying to copulate with a King Penguin. Seals apparently are known for their indiscriminate sexual relations with regards to different subspecies, such as grey seals, sea lions, and fur seals, and occasionally with other related species. This is the first recorded example of a mammal trying to have sex with a bird. Scientists speculate that the seal was incredibly sexually frustrated—perhaps too young to mate with other female seals.
The incident went on for a full 45 minutes before the seal finally gave up and swam away. The penguin was apparently unhurt.
Two neighbors in La Quinta, California, awoke on Wednesday to find the remains of a giant plastic pig all over their driveways. Turns out it was the giant inflatable Pink Floyd stage prop, think “Pigs on Wings”, which had broken free of its moorings from a nearby Arts and Music Festival. The couples will split the $10,000 reward and will each get festival tickets for life. Wow.
For 500 years, Muslim and Hindu parents in the Musti Village of Solapur in India have been throwing their newborn babies off of a 50ft high temple and then catching them in a cloth sheet. The ritual is believed to been good for the child, making them healthy, courageous, intelligent and strong. Locals insist that no child has ever been hurt.
Out in California-land, an under published amendment to last year’s state energy bill requires House members of the state legislature desiring to lease their vehicles through their office budgets (using taxpayer dollars) to switch to cars that emit low levels of greenhouse gases.
The requirement came from Representative Emanuel Cleaver II. He drives a recycled airport shuttle that runs on cooking grease. (I don’t even know how that works). Of his angry colleges he states,

“They want their Lexuses and their Cadillac […] I just think it’s a poor example for us to spend so much time talking about energy independence and global warming and presenting to the people an image of fat cats living the fat life”

Now that’s a guy I’d like to see elected to national office! Sometimes I love my home state.
See you Monday!

WTF: Baggy, Skinny Jeans
WTF: Baggy, Skinny Jeans
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