Gotta Go. Gotta Go. And Now I Know Where

I’m not gonna lie. One of my biggest stresses in life is finding bathrooms. Yup, I have one of the smallest bladders in the world and no matter where I am it seems like I have to go. It’s a constant worry of mine. What if I have to pee but there’s no bathroom around??

Luckily some of my stress can be relieved now that I found Bathroom Finder.

Just put the zipcode where you intend to be into the website, and voila! It comes up with a list of the bathrooms in that location. It’s not exactly perfect. It says there are only 5 bathrooms in the area where I live. Maybe I’m just a seasoned bathroom finding veteran, but I can tell you a few more. Still, this site could be vital in my everyday life. And if you have an Internet accessing phone, even better. No matter where you are, you can always be assured a bathroom is near by.

I like this website so much that I don’t really care that it’s run by Or that it says on the site, “To put your mind at ease, it’s good to know where the bathrooms are — even if your diarrhea is under control.” When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go.

And now she can have some piece of mind.

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