I Love Animals From the Bottom of My Heart…AND I Eat Meat

I love animals. I always have. I had dogs, rabbits, birds, and fish growing up. Never for one moment have I ever thought that animals aren’t ‘alive’. Never for one moment have I thought that they can’t feel. And I still eat meat.

I have absolutely nothing against vegetarians. Many of my friends are vegetarians and, in fact, I was a vegetarian myself for a couple of years in high school. However, I H-A-T-E being talked down to by the occasional vegetarian/vegan who comes my way and feels it’s his or her duty to “inform” me of anything related to the subject matter. I hate it almost as much as I hate religious people who feel the need to damn me to Hell via conversation. I almost hate it as much as the smell of burnt hair. I hate it almost as much as I hate Daisy from Rock of Love 2.

Why all of the hate?

Because it’s not anyone’s place to tell me what to eat. I’m a well rounded and intelligent woman. I am quite aware of the animal cruelty out there. I’ve got friends in PETA (isn’t that enough?). I know the deal. I’ve seen the videos. And you know what? Meat still tastes good to me. But that’s not where my point of view on this subject ends.

In my opinion, which, yes, I AM entitled to: All food is alive. Fruit. Vegetables. Chicken. It’s all the same to me. Everything was once alive and now it’s dead for the purpose of sustaining life. This is the way the world works and because I believe this, I believe that the only thing one can do is respect the fact that they are eating something that died in order for them to live and be on with their day.

Sure, I don’t like the idea of cows being stacked on top of each other or hormones being injected into animals. It’s all kinda gross when you really think about it. However, if you told me that the bacon I ate this morning came from a pig that had a beautiful life where he galloped through fields of cotton candy and sh*t out sugary love — I’d still feel relatively the same about eating meat: something once alive died so that I could continue living.

I think, in some sick way, that it’s natural humans have evolved in this way. We have become mass producers of everything else because it is economically and time sensible. So why wouldn’t we do the same with meat?

Again, I’m not hating on vegetarians…but I am pretty f*cking tired of being accused of being a cruel animal hater just because I think they taste delicious.

Anyone out there with me?

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